Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Men Easily Rob a Luxury Car Dealership

Hand reaching for key in car door
A car dealership in Dublin, OH was left stunned and $150,000 poorer last month when two men boldly walked in early one morning and drove out with two stolen vehicles.

The men entered the car dealership through the already open service department before the sales area was open.

They strolled through the hallways with confidence, even saying "good morning" to employees. When asked why they were there, the thieves said their Bentley was being serviced.

When the two men walked onto the sales floor, they broke into the main sales office. They stole five sets of keys from a key box, matched two sets of keys to a couple of Range Rovers and drove off.

The men's confidence got them in the building, but it was the dealership's key control practices that allowed the thieves to easily leave with the two high-end SUVs.

To prevent just anyone from accessing the keys in your dealership, consider implementing an electronic key control system that requires employees to log in by entering a passcode, swiping a proximity card or using a biometric fingerprint scanner.

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