Monday, March 9, 2015

Stolen Keys Lead to a Series of Police Chases

Car chase
A set of stolen keys has been a thorn in the Wentzville, MO police department's side for weeks after the car the keys belonged to has been involved in at least six police chases since the theft.

The suspect entered Century Dodge Chrysler Jeep on February 14 and asked to test drive a gray 2009 Pontiac G8. After a brief wait, the suspect took the keys and stole the car off the lot.

To avoid key thefts, it's important to maintain control of your dealership's keys at all times. An electronic key control system can limit key access to only authorized users, requiring employees to log in by entering a passcode, swiping a proximity card or using a biometric fingerprint scanner. This will keep unauthorized users, even within your company, from reaching keys that they shouldn't have access to and will keep your assets safe.

Once the key is beyond the security of its drawer, text and email alerts give you an added level of protection and can improve your response time to a theft. If a key isn't returned to the drawer within a specified window of time, you will receive an alert on your phone or computer.

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