Thursday, June 4, 2015

Businesses' Keys Stolen by Unexpected Thief

Woman arrested
Sometimes the people targeting your keys are the people you least expect. A 70-year-old California woman posed as an unassuming visitor at several Palo Alto businesses before stealing keys with the intention of returning to burglarize the businesses later. It was after one of those return trips that the woman was finally caught — and in possession of about 80 keys to local businesses.

In March, Trinity Lutheran Church's alarm system was triggered shortly after midnight and a surveillance camera captured footage of an elderly woman inside. After being arrested, the woman admitted to police that she had been in the church that night and had taken money from there in a separate robbery in February. She was also in possession of documents from a Los Altos pre-school and police said she had recently attempted to pawn two stolen guitars, one valued at $5,000.

The thief might not have seemed threatening on the surface, but you never know who could be targeting your business. That's why it's crucial to know where your company's keys are at all times, keeping your business and your employees safe. Consider using an electronic key control system to manage your assets and keep thieves at bay.

An electronic key control system that logs who took the keys and when should deliver reports and alerts to your computer or phone when a key is either taken by an unauthorized person or hasn't been returned within a specified amount of time. This keeps your employees accountable and allows you to react quickly if something does go wrong.

To learn more about the costs of losing your company's keys, read our post "Majority of Phoenix Fire Department's Keys Go Missing: 9,000 Businesses at Risk."


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