Thursday, August 20, 2015

Five Cars Stolen From Mercedes Dealership

Line of cars
Window-mounted lock boxes did little to stop thieves from stealing $200,000 worth of new cars from a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Fairfield, CT over a five-day span in July.

From July 16-21, the thieves apparently accessed the lock boxes — which were attached to a window to store the vehicles' keys — to steal the keys to five vehicles and then drove the five cars off the lot. The dealership wasn't aware that the cars had been stolen until they were discovered abandoned around Yonkers and Bronx, NY.

If your existing key control practice isn't enough to stop a thief, consider using an electronic key control system that stores keys in tamper-proof cabinets or drawers. Only approved users should be granted access to your key control system by inputting a computer password and/or scanning a fingerprint.

If a key goes missing or isn't returned to the drawer within a specific time frame, how will you know? Manual key control processes can't enforce time limits or accountability, so there is no way to immediately know if a key is missing, An electronic key control system sounds an audible alarm and can send a text message or email notification, allowing you to react quickly to a potential theft.

The Mercedes-Benz store wasn't the only dealership this summer to learn that its existing key control practice wasn't enough to stop a thief. To learn more, read our post "Thief Steals Vehicle at BMW Dealership."


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