Friday, November 20, 2015

Thieves Steal Vehicles from Dealership

Broken window glass
In Seminole County, FL, thieves targeted an auto dealership twice during a single night, stealing and damaging over $130,000 worth of vehicles. The vehicle windows were broken, and lock boxes containing the keys were removed from inside the cars and smashed.

Surveillance footage shows the thieves smashing lock boxes on the ground about two to three times before they came apart, making it easy for the thieves to get the keys and drive off the lot.

Storing keys inside a vehicle, even if the keys are stored in a lock box, is an unsafe and unreliable method of key control. Without proper key control, management is unable to track the movement and locations of keys.

An electronic key control system could have prevented this theft. Rather than keeping keys inside a lock box, you can store them in a secure drawer that only permits authorized users to remove them. An automated key control system provides management and employees with peace of mind and security.

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