Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Long Do Your Test Drives Take?

Dealerships today are experiencing a notable change in consumers. After spending 1-3 months researching and online shopping, consumers already know what vehicle they want when they arrive at your dealership. Due to their advanced preparation, the top frustration of this new generation is spending too much time on the car buying process.
Car lot.
According to Auto Remarketing, 85 percent of dealers think it would be ideal to bring the car buying process down to two hours or less. Overall, dealers have not shown a change in speed of the sales process, with the average sale lasting three to five hours.

Work toward streamlining the sales process with an application that allows you to monitor vehicle inventory and track vehicle activity. Sales representatives can search for vehicles based upon specific criteria (e.g. make, year, model, color) to quickly locate them on the lot via GPS for test drives.

In addition to quickly locating the vehicles, your salespeople would be able to see fuel levels, battery voltage, mileage and more. This keeps your dealership running at peak efficiency with no snags when it comes to test drives.

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