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Public Safety Department Opts for Updated Key Control

Public Safety Department Opts for Updated Key Control

Many police departments have their fleet of vehicles keyed identically.

While it's convenient for officers to grab one key to operate any vehicle, it's also convenient for potential thieves.

The Greenacres, FL Public Safety Department felt these concerns, so officials decided to step up their key and vehicle security. Although it cost a pretty penny to rekey all the vehicles ($4,019, to be exact), they knew the benefits would outweigh the expense.

After creating individual keys for each vehicle, the department needed a secure location and compartment to store keys and a way to track them. An electronic key control system solved both of these problems and more.

With an electronic key control system, users must provide a form of authorization such as a password or fingerprint before they can remove a key. If an unauthorized user attempts to access a key, the system will send an alert directly to the administrator by text or email. The system also houses the keys in a single location, so there is no more guessing where specific keys are located. The system tracks who checks out a key and when, providing accountability where previously there was none.

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