Keep Your Dealership's Key Control Efficient and Secure on July Fourth

Car dealerships always celebrate July Fourth with big deals to draw in big crowds. This influx of customers can make for a pretty hectic Independence Day. With so many people in your dealership, you need strict key control processes to ensure that your staff handle your vehicle keys efficiently and securely.

To help ease your anxiety about serving such a huge crowd, follow these three key control tips on July Fourth.

Track Key Activity

When you have hundreds of customers in a single day, you need to make sure you have efficient key control processes in place to keep track of the activity in your dealership. If an employee misplaces keys, you'll have to spend time trying to find the key or its duplicate when you could be attending to customers.

Consider using an electronic key control system to mitigate these mishaps. The system will automatically record the name of the employee who accessed the key, the time they took it and a reason for the key checkout. If a key is misplaced and can't be found, you can check the records and talk to the employee who last had the key to quickly correct the situation.

Set Alerts for Overdue Keys

When your dealership is packed with people looking at the same lot of cars, there are bound to be several people interested in the same model. Placing a time limit on keys will help you ensure that no keys are with one salesperson for too long. However, with inefficient key control processes, how can you enforce a time limit on keys?

With an electronic key control system, you can set a time limit on specific keys. If you have a new model and expect a high number of test drives, you can choose to be notified when a key hasn't been returned within its time limit. You can receive text and email messages that will notify you of the overdue key and what time it was checked out so you can make sure that more than one person can demo a certain car.

Keep Keys out of Sight

There's truth to the old adage "Out of sight, out of mind." If a thief is canvassing your dealership and sees the key cabinet in the front lobby, they know exactly where to go to steal car keys. 
No matter what type of key control system you have, keep it confined to one area of your dealership that's not visible to customers. If thieves don't know where to find keys, they're less likely to break in, because they're looking for quick and easy targets
Do you have any other tips for efficient key control?