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Prepare, Don't Panic


It’s the best way to describe how you feel when you walk into your business and discover there has been a break-in. You’ve just lost your sense of security, valuable time and hard-earned money.


It’s how you can feel if you take some steps to secure your business before it’s too late. This comes from implementing the appropriate physical security, installing an intruder alarm and having an electronic key control system.

If you use manual key control like a pegboard, you would be right to panic at the sight of a break-in. However, with an electronic key control system, you’ll know your valuable keys (and more importantly, the valuable things they unlock) are protected. You’ll be glad you prepared ahead of time.

If your intruder alarm doesn’t sound, the break-in might have come from an employee with access to enter the building. As you move forward with the investigation of the break-in, you can check your electronic key control system’s records. If it turns out the break-in occurred because an unauthorized user gained access to a key, you’ll be able to track down the last authorized user who had it and determine if they misplaced it.

The system automatically records all key activity, including when the key is removed, how long it’s out, when it’s returned and who checked it out. If a key is checked out for a suspiciously long time, you’ll know exactly who to approach about the situation.

A lot of businesses don’t realize the need for electronic key control until after a break-in occurs. But if you install an electronic key control system well ahead of time, you can be prepared and protected. Check out our website to find out more about electronic key control.