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Secure Your Keys During Fourth of July Festivities

Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time for friends and family to come together and celebrate the red, white and blue. And with the holiday happening right after the summer solstice, the Fourth of July is the perfect mark to start the summer season — one of the most vulnerable seasons for businesses. During the summer, there’s an average crime increase of more than 20 percent around the nation.

To make sure mishandled or misplaced keys don’t play a role in security or safety breaches while you’re enjoying a backyard barbecue or fireworks show, follow these tips.

Have Employees Return Checked-out Keys They Don’t Need

If using an electronic key control system, run a report to see what keys are checked out, who checked them out and when employees who have keys checked out that they should return keys to the key system by a specified time. No summer employees or temp workers should have keys checked out over the holiday while the business is closed.

Remind Employees of Key Use Protocol 

If any employees need to use company keys over the break (a long-term issue office key or the key to a company vehicle, for example), remind them to never leave the keys unattended during Fourth of July celebrations. One misplaced or stolen key could lead to expensive re-keying costs or stolen assets.

In addition, if an employee will have a company vehicle over the holiday, reiterate that they should not operate the vehicle while under the influence. Instead, they should use a designated driver and arrange to use an alternate vehicle if the driver is not authorized to drive the company car. Encourage them to exercise caution around other drivers as well. With an average of 542 fatalities per year, 45 percent of which involve alcohol, Independence Day is the third most deadly holiday for drivers, following Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Enable System Alerts 

Enabling system alerts can provide managers with peace of mind while they’re participating in Fourth of July festivities. Audible system alarms can help deter a person from attempting to access a key they’re not authorized to have, and text alerts can immediately notify managers that there’s been a system security breach.

How are you keeping your keys safe this Fourth of July?