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Why You Should Use Fingerprint Scanners With Your Key Control System

From your cell phone to your child’s lunch line, fingerprint scanners are becoming a popular addition to personal devices and payment technologies. Fingerprint readers allow users to perform functions at the touch of a finger while providing many security benefits as well.

Just as biometric fingerprint technology helps users keep their phone data safe and perform payment transactions quickly, using a fingerprint scanner as part of a key control system can help improve key checkout processes and protect keys. Here are three reasons why.

They Improve Security

If you implement a key control system with a fingerprint scanner, you can limit the number of users who have access to keys. System administrators must authorize the addition of a new user, and each time the user logs in with a fingerprint, the system is able to verify the person’s identity, offering greater key security.

They Are Low Maintenance

Research proves that fingerprint accuracy remains persistent over time, unlike other authentication methods. When using passwords, for example, users have to meet complexity requirements and regularly change their passwords. With access cards, managers have to enforce security guidelines like preventing card sharing and retrieving cards from terminated employees.

Fingerprints don’t have to be updated, and because logging in with a fingerprint is efficient, users are less likely to try to bypass the login requirements.You might still choose to use passwords and access cards in combination with fingerprints, but having one low-maintenance access method still streamlines the login process and improves security.

They Are Unique

Fingerprints are like snowflakes; there are no two alike. Because they vary from person to person (even identical twins), companies and agencies worldwide use biometric fingerprint technology to identify wrongdoers and improve security. This capability is ideal for businesses using key control systems as well. It is significantly more difficult to forge a fingerprint than it is to hack a password or steal an access card, so you can know exactly who has a key and when it was taken.

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