Jail Cell with Open Door and Keys [486309913]

Keys Swiped From Local Correctional Facility

A thief with access to a local jail's keys is probably one of the worst scenarios imaginable. The Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) experienced that nightmare on March 16.

During a routine probation search of a residence, Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs found keys that appeared to belong to the HCCF. Three suspects were questioned at the residence, and the Sheriffs' department confirmed the keys were stolen from the HCCF.

Although there were no reports of the keys being used to gain illegal access to the HCCF, the fact that someone was able to swipe them from the correctional facility is one of the many reasons why securing inventory is so important.

An electronic key control system reduces the likelihood of key theft by controlling access to keys. These systems secure keys in tamper-proof cabinets or drawers that can only be accessed when approved users input a computer password and/or scan a fingerprint. If a key isn’t returned to a drawer within a certain amount of time, the system alerts management via text message, email or an audible alarm.

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