Fresno Dealership Settles Lawsuit After Stolen Vehicle Results in Fatal Crash

July 14, 2016
Learn how to reduce the risk of theft in your dealership by implementing strict key control, promoting employee accountability keeping track of inventory.

Key Theft Puts Des Moines Properties at Risk

June 3, 2016
Stolen keys leave thief with access to properties in Des Moines, IA. Electronic key management system could have helped prevent the incident.

Former NBA Player’s Used Vehicle Stolen off Dealership Lot

April 26, 2016
How an electronic key control system could have helped prevent thieves from getting away with a safe full of keys at a used car dealership in Washington.

Keys Swiped From Local Correctional Facility

March 30, 2016
Read about how an electronic key control system could have helped avoid the theft of keys from a local jail.

How to Catch Fishy Miles on Your Fleet Vehicles

July 10, 2015
Keep mystery miles on your fleet vehicles from reaching oceanic proportions by following these guidelines.


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