Preventing Insider Theft: How to Keep Your Cars From Being Stolen Straight off Your Lot

How much does internal theft cost your dealership? It might be more than you think. Believe it or not, businesses lose as much as 7 percent of annual revenue to internal theft.

To protect the cars on your lot, it's important to maintain control of your keys.

However, keeping track of employees' access to keys at your dealership — especially when insider theft is becoming an issue — can be a daunting task if you don't have an automatic, verifiable system in place to help you.

By storing keys on a traditional pegboard or inside a desk drawer, you're giving personnel unlimited and unmonitored access to every car on your lot and therefore can't hold your staff accountable. However, with an electronic key control system, you can easily and quickly identify (and deter) dishonest employees.

Automatic key control systems only allow personnel with valid passcodes, proximity cards or fingerprints to check out keys, creating a verifiable record that you can use to track employees' key activity. You'll know when an individual took a key and returned it, making employees more accountable and less likely to use keys for criminal purposes.

To prevent key control-related theft at your dealership, learn more about the benefits of electronic key control.