Customer Tip: Sign up for Customized Online Video Training

Find out how KeyTrak Live's customized video training classes can help you get the most out of your KeyTrak system.

Is Lack of Key Control Putting Your Assisted Living Residents at Risk?

Many instances of theft and abuse in assisted living facilities are entirely avoidable — if you’re willing to invest in an effective key control solution ahead of time.

Earning Trust in Your Service Department with Key Control

Building trust with your service department customers is critical, but poor key control can destroy a customer relationship and damage your reputation in an instant. See what you can do to boost your reliability and efficiency.

Avoid These Four Mistakes When Adopting New Technology

When you decide to roll out a new technology, whether it's an electronic key control system or something else, avoid these four mistakes to make sure you realize the full potential of your investment.

Boost Your Property’s Safety Reputation to Get a Competitive Edge

Discover how investing in an effective key control solution can help your multifamily property gain a competitive edge by earning a reputation as a safe community.


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