Strengthening Law Enforcement Evidence Integrity With Electronic Key Control

Enhance evidence integrity with electronic key control systems to reinforce chain of custody, simplify compliance, and provide strict access controls.

How to Balance Security and Convenience in Physical Key Management

When managing keys, balancing security and convenience is crucial. Discover five steps to create a secure yet accessible key control solution.

4 Key Control Best Practices for Build-to-Rent Communities

Discover key control best practices for build-to-rent communities. In this booming market, prioritize resident safety with clear policies and technology.

Customer Tip: Use the Mobile App’s Key Queue to Be More Productive

Maximize your productivity with KeyTrak's mobile app key queue feature. Easily manage keys on the go, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

6 Reasons Spreadsheets Are a Risky Choice for Key Logs — And What to Use Instead

Discover why spreadsheets are a risky choice for key logs and why electronic key control systems are the secure, automated solution your organization needs.

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