Customer Tip: How to Set Up Custom Reports

Learn how to set up custom reports in KeyTrak systems to gain a clear picture of the key control data that matters most to you.

Customer Tip: How to Set Up Automatic Reports

Learn how to set up automatic reports on your KeyTrak Edge or Guardian system so you can stay up to date on key control data.

Customer Tip: KeyTrak Training for Every Learning Style

By incorporating various learning methods into your KeyTrak training, you can help users better understand and remember how to use the system.

Customer Tip: How to Manage Keys and Assets in KeyTrak Guardian

Learn how to manage your facility’s keys and assets with KeyTrak Guardian. Get step-by-step instructions on adding, checking out, and returning items.

Customer Tip: How to Add and Remove KeyTrak Guardian Users

Discover how to manage users in the KeyTrak Guardian system to protect your organization. Easily add, change, and remove users, even remotely.

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