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Increase in Online Shopping Leaves Apartment Workers Crushed Under Packages

A recent increase in online shopping is leaving landlords buried under an abundance of packages. Now, some landlords are enforcing limits and in some cases, no longer accepting deliveries.

Camden Property Trust building staff is no longer accepting packages on behalf of residents. Executives said several of the properties received almost one million packages in 2014, and that will increase by 50 percent every year. Camden executives estimate each package results in about 10 minutes of lost productivity. At a rate of $20 an hour for employee wages, that adds up to about $3.3 million a year in losses, which was ultimately too costly for the company.

The surge of online shopping has more or less turned apartment management offices into receiving centers. With apartment staff needing to accept and record items and then track down tenants to pick up their packages, it has become too much to handle.

Rather than vetoing the acceptance of packages, consider a system that will do some of the legwork for you. A key control system that has the capability of tracking keys as well as packages would reduce liability while also minimizing the number of lost or misplaced packages.


  1. Increases organization with creation of detailed package labels
  2. Enhances customer service by notifying tenants of package deliveries
  3. Easier package pickup with digital signature pad

Properties struggling with tenant packages could benefit from using a system that helps ease the process of accepting them. For more tips on how to make your property more efficient, check out this post.