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Why Reports Are Important to Key Security

Managers can’t always stay in their offices to monitor key transactions. Electronic key control systems offer features that allow administrators to set up remote web access to view specialized system reports and perform administrative functions. To aid the report process, administrators can also be set up to receive email and text alerts while they are away from their systems.

With web access, system administrators can view detailed reporting. Some of these include work order status and key transaction history. The email and text alert option notifies administrators of system misuse, when an unauthorized key is taken, if a key is returned by a user other than the one who checked it out, or if keys are not returned within their assigned time frame.

With remote access to automated reports, you can regularly keep up with your key activity. It is important to take advantage of the reports that are generated from the key control systems because they provide a 100 percent automatic verifiable audit trail. Knowing what your employees are doing will give you the opportunity to prevent a security breach as well as provide peace of mind.

Once you have a key control system, it is crucial to take the steps to audit these reports to make sure your employees are accountable. If you would like to read more about what types of reports to look into, read “The Top Four Key Control Reports You Should Be Running.”