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Customer Tip: How to Manage Keys and Assets in KeyTrak Guardian

Unrestricted access to high-security keys and valuable items like mobile devices is a recipe for a security breach. With the KeyTrak Guardian system, you can easily manage keys and assets while ensuring the highest level of security. Let’s walk through the process of adding, checking out, and returning items.

Adding Keys and Assets

Adding keys or other assets to the KeyTrak Guardian system is a crucial step in securing your facility. The system menus vary depending on what you’re adding, but the processes are quick and straightforward.

To add keys to a lockdown panel:

  • Select an unassigned location on a panel.
  • Touch "Add New Key," and enter all pertinent information.
  • After saving the changes, check the key into the system.
  • Touch "In".
  • Select the key from the list and place it in the illuminated key lock.

If you’re adding keys to a connected drawer, you'll use the Tags menu:

  • Enter details about the key.
  • Touch the tag's button to the reader on the drawer to save the information.
  • Check in the key.

Adding assets to lockers is similar to adding keys to drawers. The biggest difference is that lockers can be used on a temporary basis. This is important if weapons or cell phones need to be secured before entering a certain area but don’t need to be held in the system when the user isn’t on-site. To temporarily store an asset in a locker:

  • Select "Secure" and provide all the necessary information.
  • Close the menu.
  • Check in the item.

When someone checks out the temporary item, the locker is again available.

Checking Out and Returning Keys and Assets

Whether you need to access jail keys, vehicle keys, radios, cell phones, or fuel cards, retrieving assets quickly is important for running an efficient organization. With the KeyTrak Guardian’s easy, painless checkout process, you’re free to focus on your job duties rather than wasting time filling out logbooks or searching for items.

Checking out items is a simple process:

  • Log into the system with one of several methods, like a password or fingerprint scan.
  • Touch "Out".
  • Select the key or asset you want to remove.
  • Tap "Unlock".
  • Find the illuminated panel or locker on the system and remove the checked-out item.

The system automatically creates a record of the transaction and logs you out when you close the panel or locker door.

Checking an item into the Guardian is just as easy:

  • Log into the system using your preferred method.
  • Touch "In".
  • Select the key or asset you're returning.
  • Place the item in the illuminated panel or locker.

Once again, the system will automatically log you out when you close the panel's door.

There are a couple additional measures you can take to enhance your asset security:

  • For high-security items, require a second person to log into the system to authorize a checkout. This can be an employee’s manager or supervisor.
  • To increase accountability, set up time restrictions on checked-out items. The system will alert an administrator by email or text if a key or asset isn’t returned in a set amount of time. The system can also sound an audible alarm.

With KeyTrak Guardian’s advanced security and efficient checkout and return procedures, you’ll keep your organization safe and get back to work faster. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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