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Customer Tip: The Top 10 KeyTrak Supplies

KeyTrak’s online supplies catalog is an important resource for any KeyTrak system owner. There, you’ll find all the parts you need to tag keys — and more. Here are the top 10 supplies our customers use.


1. Key Tags

It’s no surprise that key tags are our most commonly ordered item. After all, the tag’s signature iButton (the round metal sensor at the end) is what allows the system to automatically record when keys are checked in and out of the drawer.

As you browse our catalog, you’ll notice that key tags are available in two lengths: standard and long. Which one do you need? The easiest way to figure out the appropriate length for your drawer size is to measure your current tags. Standard tags are 4.75 inches, and long tags are 6.5 inches.

Standard Tags: 4.75 Inches, Long Tags: 6.5 Inches


2. Zapstraps

Zapstraps are PVC-insulated wires with a metal connector at the end. They’re used to attach key tags to keys by feeding one end of the strap through a key tag and then fastening it to the metal connector to create a loop. To help you distinguish between different key types at a glance, you can order zapstraps in black, white, red, and yellow. For example, you could tag keys for Building A with yellow straps, keys for Building B with red straps, and so on.

3. Zapstrap Crimper

The crimper tool allows you to securely connect the two ends of the zapstrap. The tool pinches the metal connector into place to keep the keys from falling off the tag.

Graphic of KeyTrak supplies


4. Rivet Stems

A rivet stem is a long, thin metal piece that’s used along with a washer and eyelet to attach keys to a key tag. This key tagging method is more secure than zapstraps.

5. Washers

These donut-shaped metal rings are used along with rivet stems and eyelets to attach key tags to keys. They’re available in large (3/4-inch diameter) and small (1/2-inch diameter) sizes. Both sizes work with standard and long key tags, so you can use either. Some customers find that a certain size works better with different types of keys.


6. Eyelets

Eyelets are small, hollow metal cylinders that are riveted to a key tag. Much like you can use various zapstrap colors to differentiate between key types, you can choose between blue and silver eyelets.

7. Hand Plier Rivet Tool Gun

The hand plier rivet tool gun is a must have for attaching key tags with rivet stems, washers, and eyelets. The rivet gun clamps the key tagging parts together and trims the excess rivet stem.


8. System Login Fobs

If users log in to your KeyTrak system with a fob, you can order those from our catalog. As a security best practice, consider combining fobs with at least one other login method, such as a password or fingerprint scanner.

9. Key Fob Pouch

If you store vehicle key fobs or other bulky keys in your system, key fob pouches help keep keys tidy in the drawer. In addition, the pouch ensures that users can’t separate a valet key from the fob without following the proper key checkout process.


Key Fob Pouch

10. Manual Override Key

If there’s a power outage and you’re unable to power on your system, a manual override key allows you to open the drawer to access your keys. You should store the override key in a secure location that only the system administrator has access to.

Although these are our most popular items, these aren’t the only supplies in our catalog. Browse around and get in touch with our Supplies team if you have any questions.

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