Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Auto Theft Scam Makes Dealers Do a Double Take

Before you let a prospect test drive a car, you probably photocopy their driver's license just in case they decide to take a one-way trip with your inventory. But what about when they simply want to take a closer look at a vehicle on the lot?
salesman giving customer car keys

There's a new tactic thieves are using to steal cars that will make you do a double take and think twice before handing over keys. 

It's being referred to as the key-swap scam. Assailants pose as potential buyers who simply want to examine the interior of a particular vehicle. During their inspection, they pocket the real keys and return a look-alike pair to the salesperson. They then use the stolen keys to access the vehicle a short time later.

To protect your dealership from falling victim to this sting, make sure you secure keys to trackable key tags, so you'll immediately know the difference between genuine and counterfeit keys.


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