Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 12 Questions to Ask Key Control Vendors at NADA

Fast-moving crowd on trade show floorWhat if purchasing an electronic key control system were like purchasing a new vehicle? In some ways, it is: You’re looking for a system that’s reliable, meets a set of specific specs and is backed by top-notch service. Most of the time, unfortunately, you don’t have the opportunity to take multiple systems for a test drive, so to speak, in a single day — except at the NADA Convention & Expo.

As the industry’s largest event for new-vehicle dealers, NADA is the perfect time to select a new key control system, among other products and services, because you have the opportunity to see and compare multiple options at once.

With more than 500 companies exhibiting at NADA, however, it’s crucial to map out a strategy to make sure you visit all the booths you’re interested in. If you’re in the market for an electronic key control system, here are some questions to ask to make the most of your time.
  • Will the vendor visit your business to demonstrate a system and recommend a solution based on your business needs and future goals?
  • Can the system and vendor grow with your needs?
  • Is the software tailored to the auto industry?
  • How do employees access keys and assets?
  • How are transactions tracked?
  • How user-friendly is the system?
  • What reports does the system offer?
  • Can the system be accessed remotely?
  • Do you have to install the system and train your employees yourself?
  • What support services are offered after the system is installed?
  • Can the company provide evidence of its reputation and qualifications?
  • Does the system accommodate the number of keys and/or dealer plates you need to store?
Once you’ve narrowed down your options for key control solutions, check out our key control checklist for a list of detailed questions to ask prospective vendors.