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How to Set Up Text Alerts on the KeyTrak System

We understand our customers are on the go and that they need instant updates about key activity when they're away from the office. To help you work more efficiently, you can receive email-to-text alerts from your KeyTrak system.

You can be immediately notified of any issues, from unauthorized access to invalid login attempts to overdue keys. Most people can convert emails to texts through their cell phone provider by following these three steps:


1. Determine your cell phone carrier's domain name.
The first step is formatting your phone number like an email address, which requires knowing your phone carrier's domain name. You can find the most popular carriers' domain names in this article. Next, you'll combine your 10-digit mobile number with your cell phone provider’s domain name. For example, if your phone number is 123-456-7890 and your provider is AT&T, the correct format is

2. Add your phone number and domain name to the KeyTrak system.

In the System Configuration section, select the Alarm Options tab. Enter your phone number and domain name (e.g., into the "Email Recipients" field and click "Add".

3. Customize alerts.
There are many alarm options to choose from, including unauthorized access, overdue keys, missed reservations and invalid login attempts. (Please note that alarm notifications are not available for standard, custom or security reports due to the large amount of data they contain.)

The text will be from "KeyTrak Alarm" and the subject will be the alarm type.*

Enjoy the convenient and efficient use of text message alerts to stay up to date with your system while you're on the go!
Graphic: The three steps for setting up text alerts on the KeyTrak system.
*Because KeyTrak doesn't directly offer the texting service, we're unable to provide support for issues related to phone service. Instead, please contact your mobile carrier if you have any text messaging problems.
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