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Storing Your Dealership's Demo Plates: It Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle

If you're a licensed dealer, the ability to place metal plates on your inventory is a privilege. Failing to keep track of these plates can leave your dealership vulnerable to liability and possibly civil fines and penalties. To solve the problem of demo plate management, you need to implement a method that keeps your staff accountable, secures your assets from unauthorized personnel and is convenient for your dealership.


Internal theft costs dealerships nine dollars per employee per day. That's $280,000 a year for a 100-employee dealership!

Employing an asset control system such as KeyTrak provides you with a 100 percent verifiable record of demo plate access. At any time, you can find out which salesperson has a specific plate and how long they've had it.


According to Dealer Marketing Magazine, 70 percent of the money paid out by insurance companies to dealerships is related to lost demo plates. You need a secure way to keep your plates out of the wrong hands. It's recommended that you store your demo plates in a secure location, protected by a variety of login options, including a biometric fingerprint reader.


While you can store demo plates separately from keys, it's less of a hassle to store all of your assets in one secure location where only authorized employees can access them. With keys and demo plates securely in the same place, salespeople have the ability to check out a key and a plate at the same time. A key and asset management system also eliminates the need for your sales staff to keep track of a stack of demo plates.

Protect your dealership from liability by conveniently increasing security and accountability with a key and asset management system.