Four Vehicles Stolen After Thieves 'Somehow' Obtained Keys

Many car dealers see dealership thefts on the news and think it could never happen to them. But unfortunately, victims of theft come in all shapes and sizes.

Four Toyota vehicles were stolen from the Penticton Toyota dealership in British Columbia, Canada, totaling a $170,000 loss. The thieves "somehow managed to obtain the keys" after the vehicles were unloaded from a delivery truck. Luckily, all four vehicles were found a few days later, but a permanent loss of that magnitude would have been crippling to the dealership's finances and reputation.

To help avoid thefts such as this one, your dealership can use an electronic key management system, keeping keys secure behind fingerprint scanners, key cards and passcodes.

Once new vehicles are delivered to the lot, the keys can be added to the system by an administrator. The key control system creates a log any time a key is taken out, specifying which employee took the key and the date it was taken. Rather than wondering how a thief was able to steal your keys, know that your assets are truly secure.