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Customer Tip: How to Safely Delegate KeyTrak System Security

As a manager, you may feel the need to single-handedly monitor key control system access. But failing to delegate is a good way to burn yourself out and stunt the growth of leaders at your business.

To help you empower your employees and lighten your workload (while still keeping your business secure) here is a simple tip you can follow:

Designate System Administrators

Don't feel like you're the only one who can perform administrative tasks when it comes to key security. Allow other trustworthy leaders within your business to shoulder some of the responsibility — within their own accounts.

By setting up access levels for employees on the key system, you can choose which information system administrators can view and change when they log into the system itself or through Web Plus online.

For instance, you can give supervisors access to reporting but restrict their ability to add new users. This feature allows you to make information available to your team without compromising the security of your inventory. You and your employees can also receive up-to-the-minute text alerts from your KeyTrak system, so you can immediately respond to security breaches.

Here are just a few things your supervisors can do with administrative access:

  1. Generate reports. 
  2. Set up key reservations. 
  3. Know which employees have overdue keys. 
  4. Assign key tags to the key system. 
  5. Add work orders. 
  6. Edit user information. 
  7. View employee activity. 

Take the opportunity to delegate while keeping your business secure. If you're a current KeyTrak customer who would like more information on how to set up access levels, contact our software support team here.