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Three Perks of Overdue Key Alerts

3 Perks of Overdue Key Alerts

Automated key control systems provide several benefits that don't come with manual key control processes, including overdue key alerts. These notifications let system administrators know when employees don't return keys on time. Here are three ways these alerts can help your business.

You Know Where to Start Looking for Missing Keys

If a key has not been returned, you probably won't discover it's missing until another employee tries to check it out. This delays  customer transactions and slows down your business.

Overdue key alerts notify you when a key has not been returned to the key system on time, so you'll know exactly which key is missing and which employee last checked it out (rather than hunting down the key with no clues).

You Can Hold Employees Accountable 

Unfortunately internal theft due to lack of key control does happen. Roughly 75 percent of employees have stolen from their employer at least once and 38 percent have stolen repeatedly.

An electronic key control system keeps a record of every time an employee checks out a key, enforcing accountability from the get-go. As an added level of accountability, the overdue key alert will let you know the moment a key has been out for too long. This reduces the likelihood that the user will have time to use the key maliciously.

You Will Know About a Potential Security Breach

Whether a key is taken by an insider or outsider, your response time is crucial. Knowing about a stolen key will give you the opportunity to possibly prevent a security breach. A system that immediately alerts you when keys are past due enables you to respond promptly, so you can secure whatever the missing key unlocks. 
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