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Smart Key Control Can Give Your Airport a Lift

In recent years, technological advances in airports such as security identification display area (SIDA) badges, biometric identification and Advanced Imaging Technology have made it clear that increasing security is a major priority.

While these security measures make it possible for management to place controls on customers and employees, the standard key still plays a role in the aviation industry and must be secured to avoid unauthorized use. Here are a couple things you can do with an electronic key control system to tighten your airport's internal security.

Secure Equipment and Tools 

From frost removal to repairing runways, there are several important tasks maintenance employees are responsible for completing. These routine job duties require expensive equipment, which should be locked when not in use.

Locking down equipment should be supplemented by securing the corresponding keys. To ensure your assets are secure, use an electronic key control system that will safely store keys and only allow access to authorized staff. By doing so, you can be sure that your airport's equipment is tightly secured.

Require Authentication to Access Keys

Securing keys is only one of the necessary steps in creating a safer and more organized environment. The next step is making sure only authorized users can access keys. To do so, set up an authentication process. An electronic key control system will allow you to implement a method of authorization before it unlocks and provides access to the keys.

There are several methods of authorization you can use: a fingerprint, a passcode or even an employee's SIDA badge. Since no two fingerpints are alike, this is perhaps the strongest form of security. But to strengthen it even further, require multiple forms of identification for the system to unlock. For example, an employee may have to scan a fingerprint and SIDA badge before the system allows access to the keys. This will help ensure facility keys don't fall into unauthorized hands.

Although airports are constantly tightening security measures for travelers, they still need to implement strict security practices for employees. Check out this post to learn more about the layers of security key control offers.
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