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Dealership Incurs $100,000 in Losses After Vehicle Thefts

Car dealership owner Trevor McManus woke up to his worst nightmare one morning. Thieves had stolen 11 vehicles from his dealership, along with keys to more than 50 other vehicles, costing him over $100,000 overall.

To make matters worse, McManus said even though insurance will cover most of the loss, he cannot sell the vehicles whose keys were stolen.

Limit liability and keep your keys safe by implementing an electronic key control system at your dealership. With an automated key tracking system, keys are stored in a tamper-proof cabinet or drawer that only permits authorized users to remove them via a password, biometric fingerprint scanner and/or key fob. If an unauthorized user attempts to access keys, an alert can be immediately sent to your cell phone or email address.

By implementing these security precautions, you can reduce liabilities and keep your business safe.

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