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5 Benefits of Implementing Electronic Key Control

Businesses today are realizing the importance of automating the key control process over using a manual key tracking method. An electronic key control system provides benefits that pegboards and lockboxes do not, including increased security and efficiency. If you still have reservations about converting your key control process, here are five more benefits that may change your mind.

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Reduced Liability

Liability is greatly reduced with real-time reporting of key activity. Every time a user accesses a key, it is logged and recorded in the system, providing you greater security and peace of mind. This feature is invaluable during investigations of theft, or even for simply tracking employees' key transactions.

Comprehensive Reports

Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to easily track all activities related to the key machine. You can request predefined reports (e.g. transaction report, checkout report, overdue key report, access level report) or generate custom reports.

User Customization

Access levels minimize your exposure to risk by never granting more access than is required for each user. Access levels are customizable to each user, so managers can determine which keys employees are authorized to use.


Unfortunately internal thefts exist due to lack of proper key control. With an electronic key control machine, accountability is enforced from the moment you check out a key. There are also alerts to let you know when a key has been checked out for too long, or if an unauthorized user attempts to access a key.

Remote Access

Remote access allows you and other authorized users to access the software from any PC, which allows you greater flexibility when monitoring the system. You are able to add information to key tags, run and view system reports and add users.

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