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How to Choose the Right Key Control System for Your Needs

Have you considered how your key management habits are affecting your organization? Disorganized keys stored in unsecured locations are at risk of being lost or stolen. These missing keys could cost your company thousands of dollars. For the average automotive dealership, for example, replacing missing vehicle keys costs $29,700 annually. If you have to rekey your organization’s locks, the cost is as much as $200 per lock. Investing in an electronic key control system can help protect your keys and avoid replacement costs. The following questions will help you choose a system that best fits your needs.

Questions to determine your key control needs

1. How Many Keys Do We Have?

Track down the number of keys your organization is responsible for. Include old-fashioned metal keys, access cards, and key fobs on your list. If you don’t know how many total keys your organization owns, the more likely it is you could lose one and never know.

Key control system capacity varies, so whether you have 15 keys or 1,500, knowing the number of keys you have will help you find the right system for your needs. Systems can track how many keys you have, where they are, and when each one is missing. Some key control systems have mobile apps that allow you to view all your keys at one time, no matter where you are. When you have multiple keys, take the stress off yourself and let technology automatically create your key logs for you.

2. What Valuable Assets Do We Need to Secure?

Your organization probably keeps valuable assets such as supplies, mobile devices, or weapons behind lock and key. But if your keys aren’t secure, these valuables won’t be secure either. A key control system with electronic lockers can secure these assets.

Your most valuable assets, people, also need to be kept secure. Employees, residents, customers, or patients should feel safe because of your key system.

Authentication technology, like fingerprint scanners, stops unauthorized users from accessing the system and protects all your assets.

3. Where Do We Keep Our Keys?

If keys are scattered across your facility, you need a system to keep your keys organized. Disorganization puts valuable assets at risk of being misplaced or stolen.

Many organizations use pegboards, desk drawers, or lockboxes to store their keys. These systems contain major security holes. Keys displayed on pegboards are easily accessible to anyone, and lockboxes and drawers only work if they’re locked with a key that’s also secured. Employees or customers could take keys without your knowledge and gain access to locations or assets they’re not authorized to access.

From modular panels to steel drawers, key management systems provide easy ways to organize and store your keys. Employees and residents access keys through unique identification such as fingerprints, access cards, passcodes, or QR codes. These security measures limit who can access keys. They also keep the keys in a secure, central location, so you always know where they are and who has last accessed them.

4. Who Has Access to Our Keys?

Even if your keys are stored safely and are organized, anyone who has access to the keys can use them with ill intent. Consider how many people use your keys on a daily or weekly basis. Do you have an accurate log of who’s taken keys?

A paper logging process has the risk of human error. Employees may simply forget or choose not to log their key use. When you don’t have this data, there’s no way to hold employees accountable for missing or stolen keys. Key control systems can track who took a key, record when they took it, and alert you when a key is overdue and needs to be returned. That way, you’ll have a reliable audit trail.

Employees should be able to use the key system easily, so look for user-friendly technology. An organized, secure key control system keeps everything and everyone safe.

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Next Steps

Now apply what you discovered from these four questions to research a key management system. A good system will store your keys and assets securely while holding employees accountable. With the right solution, your organization will save time and money. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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