Car Thief in Mask and Glasses [515365206]

Eight Cars Stolen From Tampa Dealership

A used car dealership in Tampa is now eight cars short after a group of burglars drove them off the lot before the dealership opened one morning.

Ten burglars ignored signs at the dealership warning them of multiple rolling surveillance cameras and broke through the front windows of the Prespa Auto Sales lot. The men were seen on tape searching through drawers and finding the keys to eight cars. They then used a stolen minivan to break through the dealership’s gates, allowing them to drive away with all eight vehicles.

Securing vehicle keys with an electronic key control system could have prevented the keys from being easily accessed by thieves. The system allows you to store keys in a steel cabinet or drawer that permits only authorized users to retrieve the keys using a password, biometric fingerprint scan and/or key fob. By automating the key tracking process, you can set up alerts that will notify you via email or text message when keys are taken by unauthorized users or aren’t returned in a timely manner.

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