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Customer Tip: Don’t Forget About Spare Keys

Are there any keys around your facility that you’re not accounting for? You can have all your primary keys securely stored inside your KeyTrak system, but if you have copies of keys floating around your business, you haven’t fully mitigated your key control risk.

Some examples of keys you might not have in your KeyTrak system include:
  1. Building keys used for temporary access or in case the primary key is lost
  2. Duplicate keys for dealership inventory 
  3. Valet keys for fleet vehicles
  4. Extra desk drawer or filing cabinet keys

To protect all your keys, follow the steps below:
  1. Run a report of all the keys your key control system currently manages.
  2. Make a list of which keys have spares and how many. If you’re not sure if spares exist, add those keys to the list anyway and look into whether copies exist.
  3. Determine the location of all duplicate keys and add them to your KeyTrak system. Attach each spare key to a separate tag from the primary key.

If your system doesn’t have enough space to accommodate the additional keys, contact us to add additional drawers or key panels.
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