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Powersports Dealers: Prevent Lost Keys From Hurting Your Profits

Despite a rough couple of years, the powersports industry is looking up, with analysts expecting it to grow at a CAGR of 6.20% through 2030. But as a dealer, you can’t afford to be passive and expect your profits to increase. This year brings a new set of challenges. On top of continued parts and inventory availability, buyers are reluctant to make large purchases amid economic uncertainty, staff are quitting, and profitability targets are shifting.

The key to meeting your goals is delivering an exceptional customer experience throughout the dealership. In this environment, there’s no room for bumps in the road. Yet there’s one often overlooked issue that could stall your sales experience and break down customer relationships: lost or stolen keys.

Here are two ways repairing broken key control processes helps you better serve your customers and protect your profits:

1. Prevent Delayed Sales Due to Missing Keys

If you’re still using an outdated method for managing keys (like a pegboard or even a desk drawer), that negatively affects the purchase process. How? Imagine a customer has signed paperwork and is excited to ride home in their new motorcycle or go off-roading in their new ATV. Instead, they’re waiting while the salesperson asks around to try to locate the vehicle’s key. Consumers are less patient than they were a couple years ago, and they’re less likely to tolerate delays.

To prevent this issue, upgrade your key management to an electronic system that shows you who checked out a key and when so salespeople will always know where to find a key. They’ll also be able to reserve keys ahead of time so they’re available when they need them — and customers won’t have to wait for the keys to their new vehicle.

Consumers are less patient than they were a couple years ago, and they’re less likely to tolerate delays.


2. Protect Customers’ Keys in Service

When customers drop off their vehicle for service, they expect your staff to treat it with care. Imagine someone coming to pick up their bike and the tech realizes they can’t find the key — or the bike. That’s what happened to one customer when the dealership left the key in the ignition and a thief drove it off the property. Needless to say, the customer was angry about the service they received and warned people against doing business with that dealership.

Don’t put yourself in a similar scenario. Secure customers’ keys in an electronic key control system consisting of a steel electronic drawer or wall-mounted panel that individually locks down each key. Customers’ keys will be protected from theft, and you can also hold employees accountable for locking keys up when they’re not in use.

By implementing these changes, you can provide the type of exceptional service your customers expect and get them on (or off!) the roads quickly.

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