Five “Key” Dilemmas for Dealerships ‒ And How to Solve Them

August 4, 2020
From managing spare keys to tracking down tablets, inefficient dealership key and asset control wastes time. Learn how to solve these issues and more.

Stop Tool Theft From Wrecking Your Service Department

July 30, 2019
See how electronic key control can help reduce the risk of tool theft, saving your service department money and decreasing employee turnover.

Retain Your Dealership's Best Salespeople With Better Tools

July 17, 2017
Employee retention is one of a dealership's toughest challenges. Read our tips on how to combat high turnover rates.

Secure Your Dealership's Assets Before a Break-In

July 6, 2017
Automotive dealerships are prime targets for theft. Read to discover how key control can take your lot's security to the next level.

Dealership Incurs $100,000 in Losses After Vehicle Thefts

February 22, 2016
Thieves stole eleven vehicles and over 50 keys from a dealership, costing the owner over $100,000 overall.


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