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Visitors' Cars Raided After Man Steals Keys From YMCA

One of the most convenient places thieves can gain access to victims' keys is behind the front desk at a fitness center. Visitors readily turn over their personal items to the front desk while they work out, expecting them to be secure. However, key racks are often highly visible and accessible to criminals.

This was the case at the Sarasota, FL YMCA. Peter Strohminger made a habit of stealing items from YMCA visitors' cars by simply lifting their car keys off the front desk key rack and returning them after he was through. In the first incident he stole a wallet, and in the second he was caught by the would-be victim and a YMCA supervisor.

The YMCA has since moved its key rack to an area only staff members can access, but without proper key security there still exists an opportunity for theft. Electronic key control systems can prevent this sort of theft, allowing businesses to store keys and assets in tamper-proof drawers where only authorized employees can gain access to visitors' items by entering a password or scanning their fingerprint.