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Lack of Key Control Spurs RV Thefts

RV dealerships sell everything from trailers to campers to motor homes and more, which adds up to a high value inventory. It's essential to limit access to these vehicles to prevent theft, but with outdated key control, this task can be extremely difficult.

In January 2014, the FBI caught a West Michigan thief who stole six RVs, worth a total of $1.5 million, from several different dealerships across the United States. One way to prevent RV thefts of this kind at your dealership is to properly secure keys.

With an electronic key control system, only authorized users can access keys. This method of key control enhances accountability for managers, owners and employees. The system keeps a real-time log of who checks keys out of the system and what key(s) they take.

You can also set up text or email alerts with an electronic system. If you only allow RV demo keys to be checked out for 30 minutes but one is out for longer, you'll get an alert, making it easier to immediately identify theft.

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