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Public Sector Key Control: Benefits of Built-in Security Cameras

If you're in the public sector — whether you're a law enforcement agency, higher education institution or military facility — your keys have to be tightly secured. The liabilities associated with lost or stolen keys are severe, so it's crucial to keep your keys in a tamper-proof key control system.

A system with a motion-activated video camera, such as the KeyTrak Guardian, will take your security a step further and drastically increase the chance of identifying a suspect's involvement in case of a breach. Here are a couple benefits of using motion-activated video cameras in conjunction with your key security system.

They Enhance Security

Security cameras on key control systems provide indisputable evidence of a security breach. As soon as someone attempts to access the system, the camera starts to record, so no relevant activity will go unnoticed.

For additional benefits, consider a system camera with a fish-eye lens to provide a wider field of vision. Fish-eye lenses can capture someone accessing the system even if they're not directly in front of the camera.

They Provide Accurate Records

Look for a system that retains all video footage in addition to transaction records. If you notice any suspicious key activity, you can review the key transactions and compare them to the video logs to identify any discrepancies.

Whether an employee maliciously uses keys or a thief coerces an employee to access keys to commit a crime, the video camera will capture it. The transaction records show the date, time and employee who accessed the key, but video footage will provide greater detail as to what actually occurred.

Have you experienced other benefits of key control systems with motion-activated cameras?

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