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Access to Valet Keys Makes Your Dealership Less Secure

Even with car security systems becoming more advanced, thieves are still using one low-tech theft method with considerable success. They are taking advantage of valet keys, which are often unknowingly or unwisely left inside the glove compartments of cars. 

While many of these thefts occur in car owners' personal driveways, the same trick can be used at dealerships. Under the cover of night, thieves could sneak on to the lot and drive off using valet keys they find sitting in the car.

Now more than ever, it's important to treat valet keys like fully functional keys, because there is essentially no difference for would-be criminals. All of the protections surrounding the main keys at your dealership must similarly be put in place for valet keys.

Foremost, each car on your lot should be checked to ensure that no valet keys remain in the glove compartment or owner's manual. If any are found, they should be removed and given to a manager.

Next, valet keys should be placed in a secure key control system to deter thieves from simply picking them up from a pegboard or countertop inside the dealership. When keys are out of sight and can't be accessed easily, criminals are less likely to attempt theft.

Finally, valet key usage should be tracked using customizable reports created by the key control system. Reports can reveal a trend in the frequency and length of key usage. If valet keys are being used at strange hours or for abnormal lengths of time, employees may be misusing the vehicles.

What methods are you taking to make sure your valet keys stay safe?

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