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Tighten Your Dealership's Key Control to Help Secure Your Vehicles

Every business owner dreads the news that their business has been burglarized. Unfortunately one dealership owner in Roscommon County, MI received this news when two brothers committed back-to-back burglaries at his used car dealership.

The boys broke into the dealership and gained access to keys, which enabled them to steal several vehicles and take them for joyrides. After repeatedly crashing the cars into each other, the younger brother got trapped underneath one of the cars and had to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

The dealership could have prevented the thefts and reduced liability with stronger key control procedures. Keys should be stored in a secure cabinet or drawers, preferably electronic, so dealers can control who has access to keys. By setting up access levels, selecting authorized users and implementing key alerts, dealers can tighten the security of their assets while creating a more organized environment.

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