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Small Dealership Has Entire Inventory of Keys Stolen

A small used car dealership owner in Grand Island, NE woke up to one of the worst Christmas gifts imaginable one morning late in December. During the night, thieves had accessed the dealership through an unlocked bathroom window and stolen every set of keys — 42 in total — before taking a 2001 Ford Taurus and a 2001 Dodge Ram pickup from the lot.

The thieves returned the next night and took a 1997 GMC pickup. Within a week, all three vehicles were recovered along with half of the stolen keys, but the dealership still faced the liability and inconvenience of not having the keys to the rest of its inventory. Without the keys, the dealership was limited on what vehicles it could sell from its lot.

An electronic key control system could have not only kept the dealership's vehicles safe but also given the owner the peace of mind that he would be able to continue business as usual in the event of an attempted robbery.

To keep keys out of the wrong hands, dealerships should consider using an electronic key control system that uses secure drawers that can only be accessed by approved users via a password, biometric fingerprint scanner or key fob.

Ideally, the system should also have a full range of reports as well as the option for authorized users to monitor the system anywhere, anytime using a standard internet connection. This capability allows users to see when keys were checked out and who took them even when they're not at the machine.

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