Thief with keys [100193855]

Assisted Living: Are You Keeping Your Residents Safe?

Wilfred Matthews, a former employee at an Upper West Side assisted living home gained control of a master key to resident rooms. Taking advantage of complete and unrestricted access to the building, Matthews brutally beat and strangled a 95-year-old man who lived in the home.

An electronic key control system could have prevented Matthews from gaining unauthorized access to the master key. With an electronic key control system, a password and optional fingerprint is required, which provides a verifiable record of those who check out a key. If users are aware their activity is being traced, they are less likely to use a key with malicious intent.

With an electronic control system, you can:

  1. Increase resident safety
  2. Reduce liability
  3. Gain greater control

Provide your residents with peace of mind and security. An electronic key management system provides solutions to help manage key security as well as help reduce risk, improve security and optimize operations for any facility. It is vital you take the right security measures to protect both your property and residents.

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