Car Thief at parking Lot [500304163]

Thief Steals BMW off Car Lot After Keys Left in Door

It didn’t take much for a car thief to drive away with a $10,000 car at Galaxy Auto Sales. Taking advantage of the keys left in the car’s door, the thief was able to drive the stolen 2003 BMW X5 off the dealer’s lot. By the time the police arrived at the dealership, the BMW was long gone.

An electronic key control system could have kept the keys accounted for and prevented them from ending up in the wrong hands. By automating the key tracking process, you can set up alerts that will notify you — via email or text message — if keys have been taken by an unauthorized user or haven’t been returned over a specific length of time. The keys are stored in a steel cabinet or drawer and can only be retrieved via password, biometric fingerprint scanner and/or key fob.

By knowing where your company’s keys are at all times, you can maintain accountability of your inventory and reduce liabilities.

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