Large Group of Keys on Display in Store [150664589]

Thief Steals Vehicle and 60 Keys From Florida Dealership

Not only did a thief get away with driving a $60,000 BMW off a Florida dealership lot, but he also managed to get away with the keys to 60 other cars.

When Nicholas Jackson tried to purchase the BMW with a credit card and his Electronic Benefit Transfer card, dealership managers declined his business. The next day, the BMW and 60 keys were missing from the dealership.

Fortunately for the dealership, Jackson ran out of gas at an intersection, enabling the police to locate both Jackson and the stolen property. However, an electronic key control system could have helped prevent the keys from ending up in Jackson’s hands in the first place.

An electronic key control system secures keys in tamper-proof drawers or cabinets that can only be accessed by entering a password, scanning a fingerprint or swiping a key fob. The system also enables you to set up alerts that will notify you — via text message, email or audible alarm — when keys aren’t returned within a certain amount of time.

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