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Vehicles Stolen From Milwaukee County Dealerships

Milwaukee County is no stranger to auto theft, with yet another dealership hit by thieves. In the past nine months, thieves have broken into nearly 20 businesses to steal keys and, in some cases, have driven cars right out of the dealerships' front doors.

According to the John Amato Hyundai dealer, if these thefts continue, then insurance rates for auto dealers in Milwaukee will increase, adding to the vehicles' sticker prices.

Dealers around the area have taken precautions by verifying all cars are locked, alarms and cameras are on, and keys are stored in a lockbox or taken home at the end of the day.

In order to protect your vehicles from being stolen, it is vital to maintain control of your keys. Consider using an electronic key control system equipped with tamper-proof cabinets or drawers that can only be accessed by authorized users via password and/or fingerprint. By automating the key control process rather than storing keys in a lockbox, you are able to maintain accountability over your inventory.

For additional security, alerts can be sent immediately to a cell phone or email address if an unauthorized user attempts to access the keys. There are also reporting capabilities that allow users to see when keys were checked out and who checked them out.

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