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Is Your Dealership Prepared for a Hurricane?

How would your dealership respond if it were affected by a hurricane? Even if your area is not prone to hurricanes, it’s important to come up with a preparedness plan. Here are some steps your dealership should take in order to be ready when a hurricane, or other natural disaster, hits:


Before Disaster Strikes 

First and foremost, your dealership should assign an emergency team that will take charge during a disaster. This group of employees will assist with disaster preparation, such as checking equipment and first aid materials. They should also create a preparedness kit containing emergency supplies for each building of your dealership.

It should contain:

  1. A business recovery plan explaining the roles of employees during a disaster
  2. Emergency service contacts for utilities, phones, sanitation, etc.
  3. Emergency communications equipment
  4. Flashlights
  5. Cleaning supplies 

If your dealership is running on paper-based processes, have a secure location to store all documents and filing cabinets. Make copies of records and store them in a physically secure facility.

Store your keys in a safe location and make sure they’re organized if you have to shut your doors for a couple days. If you use a key management system, be sure to run a system backup and export or print a map of the system contents in case of a power outage.

Don’t let the unexpected keep your business from succeeding. If you have the right tools and preparation, your dealership can survive a hurricane.

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