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Secure Your Dealership's Assets Before a Break-In

With the combined inventory on a single lot costing more than the average home, car dealerships are prime targets for theft. When your dealership becomes the victim of a heist attempt, it is crucial to already have the proper measures in place to secure your inventory and prevent losses.

One dealership in Waco, TX, recently learned this lesson the hard way after a thief was caught in the act. When police responded to a suspicious vehicle call in a nearby neighborhood, they encountered the thief in a stolen Mustang parked outside the dealership. The cops apprehended the criminal after a car chase and discovered several sets of keys to cars still on the lot, as well as keys to already stolen or missing vehicles.

The thief and some of his associates had broken into the dealership's building, taken keys to several vehicles, and arranged many of them so that they could be easily driven off. Had police not arrived at the scene when they did, the dealership could have lost over $100,000 in inventory.

The more lines of defense you can put between a thief and your vehicles, the better. Securing your keys is a good first step, but simple lockboxes or back-room peg boards won't be enough to stop determined thieves. A more secure solution would be a key and inventory management system that limits access to authorized individuals and automatically provides an audit trail of key checkouts.

You can also make your lot less attractive by strategically parking cars around exits, increasing the difficulty thieves would face in removing cars. Park a string of cars in front of entrances or gates so thieves will have to work harder to drive off the lot in stolen vehicles. The more cars thieves have to move, the more time they'd spend on the lot, increasing the chances of getting caught.