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Are You Neglecting This Important Aspect of K-12 Campus Security?

K-12 schools across the country have been rocked by recent events that highlight a need for greater security. Because of these events, you may be looking at updating current security policies and procedures, as well as implementing new ones.

One security issue that hasn’t received significant public attention is key control. Implementing effective and secure key control procedures entails several variables, including who will manage keys, how many faculty members will have access to them, how long faculty can keep certain keys, and so much more. All of these factors contribute to the struggle you may be facing when trying to put your key control policies into practice.

Unfortunately, this security gap puts your students and your campus at risk. For instance, police were investigating a bomb threat at a school in Massachusetts when they discovered a 16-year-old was carrying a school master key. Although the teen wasn’t connected to the threat, it’s concerning that he was caught with the key. What was he planning to do with it? Had the school realized the master key was missing? How did he get it in the first place?

These are questions that no school should leave unanswered. Fortunately, there’s a secure and effective solution for managing your campus keys. To learn more about how you can improve your key control practices, check out our whitepaper.
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