A Four-Minute History of Key Control

March 5, 2019
From keys worn as rings to electronic drawers to smart locks, see how key control has changed over the centuries.

How Key Control Reduces Employee Risk in Prisons

October 25, 2017
Learn how using electronic key control in prisons can improve employee accountability and reduce employee risk.

Best Practices for Discouraging Internal Key Theft

June 20, 2016
Practices to discourage internal theft.

Key Control Lessons We Can Learn From Higher Education Institutions

May 3, 2016
Three key control lessons we can learn from higher education institutions.

Former NBA Player’s Used Vehicle Stolen off Dealership Lot

April 26, 2016
How an electronic key control system could have helped prevent thieves from getting away with a safe full of keys at a used car dealership in Washington.


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