Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Theft of Unattended Master Keys Disrupts Hotels

The last thing a hotel wants to experience is a robbery. It can lead to a loss of both reputation and revenue. Unfortunately without proper key control practices, hotels put themselves at risk and make theft much more likely.

Keys at reception deskThe Bright Inn in Loganville, GA discovered their guests were robbed as a result of substandard key security measures. A guest had taken the hotel's master key and used it to steal items from several rooms before fleeing.

This comes on the heels of two previous incidents where sets of master keys were stolen from a Motel 6 laundry room and a Red Roof Inn's front desk.

These events reflect a troubling trend at lodging establishments this year: Employees are leaving keys out in the open. Fortunately key and asset theft can be deterred by installing a secure key control system.

Electronic key control systems hold employees more accountable for their key use. Each time someone wants to check out a master key, they must log in with a password, proximity card or fingerprint. This creates an electronic paper trail detailing exactly who had a key and when they took it. When employees know that lost keys can be traced back to them, they'll be more careful not to leave keys where an unauthorized person could take them.

With keys returned to the security of a tamper-resistant key control system, crimes of opportunity are discouraged. The likelihood of having to deal with thefts such as the above are greatly reduced and key use becomes much more efficient. In this way, key control can help you keep a good reputation while saving time and money.

For more information about how electronic key control can secure your keys and assets, check out the four different layers of physical security.


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